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Limited 90 Day Warranty

Sales policy and Warranty

WAP inc. warrants to buyers that each used USDM and JDM sold is protected from defects in material when properly installed by a professional mechanic and under normal use and service for the period of the time and mileage, only parts, no laber to the terms and conditions as following:.

Used Engines:
-Direct imported Used Engines and USDM engines. Up to three months or 3000 miles on the internal parts only from the date of purchase.
No warranty is covered on any attached accessories and parts such as manifolds, water pump, thermostat, clutch, flywheel, timing related components, and all seals etc.
-All motors sold undressed.
-6 months or 6000 miles warranty is available for most engines and transmissions. Please ask your sales person for more details.

Used Transmissions:
-Up to three month from the date of purchase on internal parts only. Electrical switches, wiring system, shifting linkage, the attached accessories, sensors and torque converter are not guaranteed.

-All parts sold by WAP, Inc. carry 30 days warranty, unless sold as is.

-WAP inc. has an option to exchange the defective unit only once

Customer’s Obligations:
All warranty are only valid on engines when as followed:
-Customer must rod out radiator, change new water hoses, water pump, spark plugs, thermostat, oil filter, oil, oil pump, timing belt, tensioner, and all seals and gaskets whatever is necessary before installation.
-Due to the variations and design on some models and version engines, customers maybe required to make necessary changes over some parts such as change the intake manifold, exhaust manifold oil pan and the oil pick up tube, dipstick, flywheel, clutch, assembly, distributor and smog devices etc.
-All belt-driving engines are required to be installed new timing belt and set on the right timing before installation is done. See limitation.
-Check and adjust valve clearance and tune up.
-Customer is responsible to verify parts for fitness, proper size and application prior to installation. We assume no liability for parts incorrectly installed as the result of errors in ordering, packing and shipping.

This warranty shall not apply to or include any of the following:
-All items shall be installed within 48 hours of purchase.
-Repair or replacement as a result of any accident, misuse, collision, upset, fire, negligence, alteration, racing events, improper installation or repair.
-Labor cost, downtime, towing charges, freight charges, rental and comprehensive insurance claims etc.
-Oil leaks, blown head gasket and overheating due to poor cooling system. Basted block or broken
-Bent Valves lock up or back fire due to broken timing belt or wrong timing set. New timing must be installed on all belt-Driving engines before installation.
-Internal damages caused by dropping obstacles into combustion chambers.

-A silver-nickel-like heat tab is installed on the block of every engine we sell. If the tab is removed or the center is melted (around 255 F) warranty will be voided. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the location of the heat tab and make sure it does not fall off during installation. Call us for details.
-Vehicle with disconnected or non-operative odometer will be considered for the usage 1500 miles per month.
-25% restocking fee on accepted returns. All parts “sold as is”; not to be returned.
-No refund exchange only, no refund for deposit, deposit held up to 5 day period.
-WAP inc. or seller is not responsible for the cost of installation or removal of engine, transmissions or other parts for any incidental or consequential damage or loss.

-Products that need to be shipped are done at customer’s expense and risk, any loss or damage in shipping should be filed and claimed directly through the freight carrier. We assume no responsibility for any loss, damage, freight cost and miscellaneous charges.
-Loading and unloading on our premises is done for customer’s courtesy. We assume no responsibility for any loss or damage to customer’s vehicles.

-Towing charge $50 first mile or part thereof and $3 each additional miles.(ask for the price after 5pm-8am and holidays, weekend)
– Charge per hour or part thereof require for an unusual such as winching or any kind of preparation for tow.
-$50 storage charge per 24 hours day .
-This company assumes no responsibility for personal belonging inside car .
-It is understood no responsibility for damage in unusual towing such as winching .

Note:WAP inc.reserves the right to change this warranty at any time without any prior notification.

Check for warranty updates.